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Kontakte von Smartphone in Google-Account importieren

Im Folgenden erfahrt ihr, wie ihr eure Kontakte, die nur lokal auf eurem Smartphone gespeichert sind, mit den Google-Contacts synchronisieren könnt:

  • In Contacts hit the menu button and select Import/Export
  • Choose Export to SD card
  • Once done press menu again and choose Import from SD card
  • IMPORTANT: select your Google account to import into
  • On a computer visit http://google.com/contacts; sign in if you need to
  • One the right-hand panel click Find duplicates
  • Click Merge as required (or view details for each duplicate)
  • Once done your phone should automatically sync after 5-10 minutes
  • Finally press menu > More > Settings and ensure Save new contacts to is set to Google. This will mean all new contacts you add will always be backed up online

Quelle: http://www.crazyjohns.com.au/faq-galaxy-s-contacts/

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